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Research article2011Peer reviewed

In vivo effect of dried chicory root (Cichorium intybus L.) on xenobiotica metabolising cytochrome P450 enzymes in porcine liver

Rasmussen, Martin; Zamaratskaia, Galia; Ekstrand, Bo


Cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes are widely studied for their involvement in metabolism of drugs and endogenous compounds. In porcine liver, CYP1A2, 2A and 2E1 are important for the metabolism of skatole. Feeding chicory roots to pigs is known to decrease the skatole concentration in plasma and fat. In the present study we investigated the effect of chicory on CYP mRNA and protein expression, as well as their activity. Male pigs were feed dried chicory root for 16 days before liver samples were collected. By the use of RT-PCR and Western blotting we showed that the mRNA and protein expression of CYP1A2 and 2A were increased in chicory fed pigs. The mRNA expression of CYP2E1 was increased, while there was no effect on protein expression. Activity of CYP1A2 and 2A were increased in chicory feed pigs; this was not the case for CYP2E1 activity. In conclusion; oral administration of chicory root for 16 days to pigs increased the mRNA expression of CYP1A2, 2A and 2E1: and the protein expression of CYP1A2 and 2A. The activities of CYP1A2 and 2A were increased. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.


Chicory; Cytochrome P450; Microsomes; Western blotting; RT-PCR

Published in

Toxicology Letters
2011, Volume: 200, number: 1-2, pages: 88-91

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    Animal and Dairy Science
    Veterinary Science

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