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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2009

Chemical Composition and Phenolic Compound Profile of Mortino (Vaccinium floribunidum Kunth)

Vasco, C; Riihinen, K; Ruales, J; Kamal-Eldin, Afaf


The phenolic compounds in mortino (Vaccinium floribundum Kunth, family Ericaceae) from the paramos of Ecuador were studied by LC-DAD-MS/MS for the first time. (-)-Epicatechin, one dimer A and one trimer A were found at a total concentration of 18 mg/100 g FW. Of the flavonol glycosides (38 mg/100 g FIN), quercetin and myricetin were found as -3-O-hexosides, -3-O-pentosides and -3-O-deoxyhexosides. Chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acids together with caffeic/ferulic acid derivatives were found as predominant components among the hydroxycinnamic acids in the berry. Anthocyanins, including cyanidin and delphinidin dorivatives, were the major phenolic compound class quantified (345 mg cyanidin-3-O-glucoside/100 g FW).


Mortino; Vaccinium floribundum; phenolic compounds; TEAC; LC-MS; quercetin; anthocyanins

Published in

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
2009, volume: 57, number: 18, pages: 8274-8281

Authors' information

Vasco, C
Riihinen, K
Ruales, J
Kamal-Eldin, Afaf
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Food Science

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Food Science

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