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Methodical Thermolysis of [Ba2Ti2(thd)(4)(OnPr)(8)(nPrOH)(2)] under Autogenous Pressure Followed by Combustion for the Synthesis of Dielectric Tetragonal BaTiO3 Nanopowder

Pol, Vilas G.; Thiyagarajan, P.; Calderon Moreno, Jose M.; Popa, Monica; Kessler, Vadim; Gohil, Suresh; Seisenbaeva, Gulaim


The tetragonal BaTiO3 nanopowder is synthesized in a solvent-less, efficient process by the thermolysis of a single [Ba2Ti2(thd)(4)(OnPr)(8)(nPrOH)(2)] precursor in a closed reactor at 700 degrees C under autogenous pressure, followed by combustion. This paper compiles the synthesis of the [Ba2Ti2(thd)(4)(OnPr)(8)(nPrOH)(2)] precursor, its analysis by mass spectrometry, and implementation for the fabrication of dielectric tetragonal BaTiO3 nanopowder by controlled efficient thermal decomposition. The as-prepared, intermediate, and final forms of the obtained nanomaterials are systematically analysed by XRD, Raman, and EDS measurements to gain structural and compositional information. Employing HR-SEM, TEM, and HR-TEM techniques, the morphological changes during the structural evolution of all the phases are pursued. The mechanistic elucidation for the fabrication of BaTiO3 nanopowder is developed on the basis of TGA and DTA data obtained for the initial [Ba2Ti2(thd)(4)(OnPr)(8)(nPrOH)(2)] reactant as well as the as prepared BaCO3 With amorphous Ti phase.


dielectric constant; electron microscopy; synthesis; titanium; nanostructures

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Chemistry - An Asian Journal
2009, Volym: 4, nummer: 7, sidor: 1084-1091