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Genetic analysis of an F-2 intercross between two chicken lines divergently selected for body-weight

Wahlberg, P.; Carlborg, Örjan; Foglio, M.; Tordoir, X.; Syvanen, A.C.; Lathrop, M.; Gut, I.G.; Siegel, P.G.; Andersson, Leif


Conclusion: The results from the QTL analysis using the new improved linkage map are to a large extent in concordance with our previous analysis of this pedigree. The difference in body-weight between the parental chicken lines is caused by many QTL each with a small individual effect. Although the increased chromosomal marker coverage did not lead to the identification of additional QTL, we were able to refine the localization of QTL. The importance of epistatic interaction as a mechanism contributing significantly to the remarkable selection response was further strengthened because additional pairs of interacting loci were detected with the improved map.

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BMC Genomics
2009, Volym: 10