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Research article2008Peer reviewed

Influence of phytase and xylanase supplementation of a wheat-based diet on digestibility and performance in growing pigs

Lyberg, Karin; Andersson, Kristina; Sands, J. S.; Lindberg, Jan Erik


Effects of phytase and xylanase supplementation to a wheat-based pig diet were studied. The diet was fed without or with supplementation of dicalcium phosphate (diet A), phytase (diet BP), xylanase (diet BX) and phytase + xylanase (diet BPX). Apparent digestibility of P and Ca were higher in diets BP and BPX. Apparent digestibility of crude protein (CP) was higher in pigs which were fed the BPX diet than pigs which were fed the BP and BX diets. Pigs given diet BPX, had highest daily weight gain and had higher daily feed consumption, except for pigs given diet BP. In conclusion, phytase improved the utilisation of P and Ca, while xylanase alone had no positive effects on OM, CP and NDF digestibility. The combination of the two enzymes had some benefits in terms of CP digestibility and resulted in an improved feed intake and daily weight gain, while feed conversion ratio was unaffected.


Feed enzymes; growth performance; nutrient digestibility; pigs

Published in

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Science
2008, Volume: 58, number: 3, pages: 146-151