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Research article1995Peer reviewed

Synthesis, crystal, molecular and electronic structure of a novel heterobinuclear alkoxide cluster [(MeO)2ReO(µ-OMe)3MoO(OMe)2]

Kessler, Vadim; Seisenbaeva, Gulaim; Shevelkov, Andrei; Khvorykh, Gennady V.


The new heterobimetallic methoxide [ReMoO2(OMe)(7)] 1 is obtained in 62% yield by hexane extraction from the electrolyte prepared by anodic oxidation of Re metal in a methanolic solution of [MoO(OMe)(4)] in the presence of LiCl as electrolyte; the molecule of 1 consists of two [MO(OMe)(5)] octahedra with three shared mu-OMe groups; while 1 shows high volatility and under such conditions remains intact, mass spectrometry indicates complete dissociation into homometallic species in the gas phase.

Published in

Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications
1995, number: 17, pages: 1779-1780

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      Inorganic Chemistry
      Materials Chemistry

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