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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Förutsättningar för förskolepersonal att få en hälsofrämjande arbetsplats i utemiljön

Söderström, Margareta; Boldemann, Cecilia; Mårtensson, Fredrika


Preschool occupational environment is predominantly discussed in terms of risks and hazardous exposure to infections and musculoskeletal problems, and indoor environment most commonly studied. However, outdoor environment is increasingly acknowledged as an important factor in triggering healthy behaviors, as has been proven in children. Such impact on the workforce is unknown. Widespread and disparate health risks – e.g. the lack of daily physical activity and solar overexposure are responsible for obesity-related disease and skin cancers. Criteria for occupational outdoor environment are seldom discussed. Data from 52 volunteering employees at 9 preschools involved in a study investigating children’s physical activity and sun exposure vs. the quality of the environment are used to discuss the potential of physical environment to trigger healthy behaviours in the workforce as well.

Published in

Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift
2013, Volume: 90, number: 4, pages: 545-555