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Conservation and management of specialised species. Sustaining legacies of natural forests and cultural landscapes.

Angelstam, Per; Lõhmus, Asko; Elbakidze, Marine


After a brief review of European landscape history, we conclude that maintenance of specialised species requires consideration of legacies of both naturally dynamic forests and pre-industrial cultural landscapes. Next, we propose the need for conservation, management, and restoration in the context of intensified use of forests and abandonment of cultural woodlands across entire landscapes. Two key issues include gathering knowledge about performance targets regarding how much habitat different species need and developing knowledge-based dialogue. While the focus is on the European continent, the arguments in this chapter are generally applicable.

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Titel: Integrative approaches as an opportunity for the conservation of forest biodiversity.
ISBN: 978-952-5980-06-6
Utgivare: EFICENT