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Forskningsartikel2013Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Bayesian species delimitation reveals generalist and specialist parasitic wasps on Galerucella beetles (Chrysomelidae): sorting by herbivore or plant host

Hambäck, Peter; Weingartner, Elisabet; Ericson, Lars; Fors, Lisa; Lundhagen, Anna; Stenberg, Johan A; Bergsten, Johannes


Conclusion: Using multilocus sequence data in a Bayesian species delimitation analysis we propose that hymenopteran parasitoids of the genus Asecodes that infest Galerucella larvae constitute at least three species with narrow diet breath. The evolution of parasitoid Asecodes and host Galerucella show a fully congruent coevolutionary pattern. This finding strengthens the hypothesis that the parasitoid in host search uses cues of the host rather than more general cues of both host and plant.

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BMC Evolutionary Biology
2013, Volym: 13, artikelnummer: 92