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Bayesian calibration method used to elucidate carbon turnover in forest on drained organic soil

Klemedtson, Leif; Jansson, Per-Erik; Gustafsson, David; Karlberg, Louise; Weslien, Per; von Arnold, Karin; Ernfors, Maria; Langvall, Ola; Lindroth, Anders


Depending on the balance between sink and source processes for C, drained organic forest soil ecosystems can be in balance or act as net sinks or sources of CO(2) to the atmosphere. In order to study the effect of groundwater level and soil temperature on C-flux, the CoupModel was calibrated (climate data, groundwater levels, soil CO(2) flux, net ecosystem fluxes of CO(2)-exchange, sensible heat flux and latent heat flux, forest production etc.) for a drained forest in Sweden. Bayesian calibration techniques were used to elucidate how different parameters and variables were interlinked in C-circulation. The calibrated model reproduced abiotic and biotic variables reasonably well except for root respiration, which was largely underestimated. Bayesian calibration reduced the uncertainties in the model and highlighted the fact that calibrations should be performed with a high number of parameters instead of specific parameter values.


spruce forest; drained soils; net ecosystem exchange; respiration; latent heat flux; sensible heat flux; simulations; eddy covariance; chambers; biomass

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2008, Volym: 89, nummer: 1, sidor: 61-79 Utgivare: SPRINGER

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