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Convective drying of industrial sludge materials with a high-velocity pilot cyclone

Mäkelä, Mikko; Segerström, Markus; Kalen, Gunnar; Larsson, Sylvia; Finell, Michael


In response to the growing need of economically viable sludge drying technologies and respective resource recovery, a convective high-velocity pilot cyclone was set-up at the Biofuel Technology Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, Sweden. In essence this process entails feeding (≤900 kg/h) a material to a heated low-temperature high-velocity inlet air flow (capacity ca. 13·103 m3/h) allowing moisture removal and respective shaping/separation of particles. Primarily this equipment is expected to provide improvements to the drying efficiency of challenging waste-water treatment sludge materials, whilst enabling simultaneous particle separation based on physical phenomena. Hence preliminary testing of a fibre reject stream from a local paper mill was performed, followed by a detailed optimisation of respective drying efficiency in early fall 2013. The process set-up will be presented followed by discussion of material characteristics and attained results.

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Utgivare: Aqua Enviro Technology Tansfer


18th European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference & Exhibition