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Övrig publikation2013Vetenskapligt granskad

Does genomic selection have a future in plant breeding?

Jonas, Elisabeth; De Koning, Dirk-Jan


Plant breeding largely depends on phenotypic selection in plots and only for some, often disease-resistance-related traits, uses genetic markers. The more recently developed concept of genomic selection, using a black box approach with no need of prior knowledge about the effect or function of individual markers, has also been proposed as a great opportunity for plant breeding. Several empirical and theoretical studies have focused on the possibility to implement this as a novel molecular method across various species. Although we do not question the potential of genomic selection in general, in this Opinion, we emphasize that genomic selection approaches from dairy cattle breeding cannot be easily applied to complex plant breeding.


crops; estimated breeding value; genomic selection; marker-assisted selection

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Trends in Biotechnology
2013, Volym: 31, nummer: 9, sidor: 497-504