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Animal-related injury risks in dairy farming

Lindahl, Cecilia; Lundqvist, Peter


Background and aim Animal-related occupational injuries in agriculture are common and potentially severe and costly. In Sweden, animal-related injuries represents about ¼ of all injuries in agriculture. A majority of animal-related injuries involve cattle, and especially dairy cattle seem to be frequently involved. The fatal injuries related to animals were caused by attacks from cows or bulls. Despite the large number of documented animal-related injuries in dairy farming, the issue has received relatively limited attention in the scientific literature. This study is part of a PhD project with focus on prevention of occupational accidents in dairy farming. The aim was to get a deeper understanding of when and why hazardous situations occur during animal handling and to identify factors affecting risk and safety during animal handling. Methods On 12 commercial dairy farms, the collection of cows to milking and claw trimming was studied from the perspective of the handler, the animals and the facilities. The collection of data was carried out during spring 2012 and will continue in autumn. Data collection includes: Behavioural observations of handler and cows Heart rate measurements of handler and cows perceived stress, attitudes to cows and to handling of cowsQuestionnaire on handler’s risk perception, attitudes to risk, safety locus of control, Design of the facility: checklist and short interview Results Data will be analysed during autumn 2012. The results are expected to give some insight to how the handler’s risk and stress perception, attitudes and behavioural intentions are related to behaviour towards cows and risk potential during animal handling. The results will be used to identify underlying causes of injury risks during animal handling in dairy farms and to suggest possible prevention strategies.

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Landskap, trädgård, jordbruk : rapportserie
2012, Volym: 2012, nummer: 2012:16, sidor: 71-71 Titel: Health and safety in agriculture, Nordic and world-wide perspectives
ISBN: 978-91-87117-15-2
Utgivare: Arbetsvetenskap, Ekonomi och Miljöpsykologi, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet


Nordic Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health & Safety 2012