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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2013

Partial functional conservation of IRX10 homologs in physcomitrella patens and Arabidopsis thaliana indicates an evolutionary step contributing to vascular formation in land plants

Hörnblad, Emma; Ulfstedt, Mikael; Ronne, Hans; Marchant, Alan


Conclusions: The fact that the Physcomitrella IRX10 (PpGT47A) protein can partially complement an Arabidopsis irx10 irx10-L double mutant suggests that it shares some function with the Arabidopsis proteins, but the lack of a phenotype in knockout lines shows that the function is not required for growth or development under normal conditions in Physcomitrella. In contrast, the Arabidopsis irx10 and irx10 irx10-L mutants have strong phenotypes indicating an important function in growth and development. We conclude that the evolution of vascular plants has been associated with a significant change or adaptation in the function of the IRX10 gene family.


Plant cell wall; Hemicellulose; Arabidopsis thaliana; Physcomitrella patens; Glycosyltransferases; Xylan

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BMC Plant Biology
2013, Volym: 13