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Konferensabstrakt, 2004

Characterization of a novel phospholipase A1 cDNA from A.thaliana

Antoni, Banas; Alexandre, NOIRIEL CNRS Strasbourg France; Pierre, BENVENISTE; Pierrette, BOUVIER-NAVE; Strasbourg, CNRS; Strasbourg, CNRS; France ; France ; Stymne, Sten


Searching for cDNAs encoding plant sterol acyltransferases, we isolated four lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT)-like cDNAs from A. thaliana. Interestingly, one of these cDNAs was found to encode a phospholipase A1. The detailed biochemical characterization of this enzyme will be described. Its sequence is not related to any known phospholipases A1 including the recently described A. thaliana DAD1 protein (Ishiguro et al., 2001). Further studies are in progress to elucidate its physiological role

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16th International Plant Lipid Symposium

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    • Stymne, Sten

      • Institutionen för växtvetenskap, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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    Agricultural Science

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