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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2013

Protoilludane sesquiterpenes from the wood decomposing fungus Granulobasidium vellereum (Ellis & Cragin) Julich

Nord, Christina; Menkis, Audrius; Vasaitis, Rimvydas; Broberg, Anders


The secondary metabolites of the saprotrophic wood-decay basidiomycete fungus Granulobasidium vellereum were studied. Six sesquiterpenes were obtained; 2-hydroxycoprinolone (1), 8-deoxy-4a-hydroxytsugicoline (2), 8-deoxydihydrotsugicoline (3), which were previously not described, radulone A and B, and coprinolone ketodiol. Additionally, base-treatment of 1 yielded the diagnostic degradation products la and 1b, whereas radulone A was found to form 4 under mild acidic conditions. The structures were determined by NMR, MS, CD and polarimetry, along with biosynthetic considerations. Radulone A fully inhibited the spore germination of the potentially competing fungi Phlebiopsis gigantea, Coniophora puteana and Heterobasidion occidentale at 10 mu M, 500 mu M and 100 mu M, respectively. None of the other substances tested gave rise to any growth inhibition. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Cyphellaceae; Granulobasidium vellereum; Structural elucidation; Sesquiterpenes; Protoilludane

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2013, Volym: 90, sidor: 128-134