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Comparison of collectors of airborne spray drift. Experiments in a wind tunnel and field measurements

Arvidsson, Tommy; Bergström, Lars; Kreuger, Jenny


CONCLUSIONS: It was concluded from the wind tunnel part of the study that the amount of drift collected on the static collectors had a more strongly positive correlation with increasing wind speed compared with the dynamic sampler. In the field study, the difference in efficiency between the two types of collector was fairly small. As the difference in collecting efficiency between the different types of sampler was small, the dynamic sampler was selected for further measurements of airborne drift under field conditions owing to its more well-defined collecting area. This study of collecting efficiency of airborne spray drift of static and dynamic samplers under field conditions contributes to increasing knowledge in this field of research. (C) 2011 Society of Chemical Industry


spray drift; airborne drift; collectors; pipe cleaner; dynamic sampler; static samplers; wind tunnel; field experiments

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Pest Management Science
2011, Volym: 67, nummer: 6, sidor: 725-733