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Genetically modified plants for non-food or non-feed purposes: Straightforward screening for their appearance in food and feed

Alderborn, Anders; Sundström, Jens; Soeria-Atmadja, Daniel; Sandberg, Martin; Andersson, Christer; Hammerling, Ulf


Genetically modified (GM) plants aimed at producing food/feed are part of regular agriculture in many areas of the World. Commodity plants have also found application as bioreactors, designated nonfood/non-feed CIA (NFGM) plants. thereby making raw material for further refinement to industrial. diagnostic or pharmaceutical preparations Many among them may pose health challenge to consurners or livestock animals. if occurring in food/feed. NFGM plants are typically released into the environment, but are grown under special oversight and any among several containment practices, none of which provide full protection against accidental dispersal. Adventitious admixture with food or feed can Occur either through distributional mismanagement or as a consequence of gene flow to plant relatives. To facilitate NFGM surveillance we propose a new mandatory tagging of essentially all such plants. prior to cultivation or marketing in the European Union. The suggested tag - Plant-Made Industrial or Pharmaceutical Products Tag (PMIP-T) - is envisaged to occur as a transgenic silent DNA identifier in host plants and designed to enable technically simple identification and characterisation of any NFGM. Implementation of PMIP-T would permit inexpensive, reliable and high-throughput screening for NFGM specifically The paper outlines key NFGM prospects and challenges as well as the PMIP-T concept. (C) 2009 Elsevier Ltd All rights reserved


Genetically modified plants; Plant pharming; Risk management; Molecular surveillance

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Food and Chemical Toxicology
2010, Volym: 48, nummer: 2, sidor: 453-464

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