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Effect of growing medium water content on the biological control of root pathogens in a closed soilless system

Khalil, Sammar; Alsanius, Beatrix


The water content of the growing medium and its interaction with a biocontrol agent was studied in a closed soilless culture system in order to identify factors that could increase the efficiency and decrease the variability of biocontrol agents. Pumice was chosen as the growing medium because of its high water-holding capacity and in view of the high water content required for the growth of the root pathogen. The commercial biocontrol agent Binab T (active strains Trichoderma polysporum and T harzianum) was evaluated at 50% and 70% water content. Studies were carried out in a controlled environment, in a climate chamber, using tomato as the model plant and Pythium ultimum as the model pathogen. Pathogen levels were affected by the water content of the medium and the biocontrol treatment, while the amount of biocontrol agent was not affected by the water content of the growing medium. The Trichoderma strains in Binab T were able to reduce the amount of pathogen and the incidence of disease at both water contents tested. The biocontrol activity of Binab T against P ultimum, as indicated by the level of glucanase production, was affected by variations in the water content of the growing medium. The pathogen, the biocontrol agent, and the water content of the growing medium, all had an impact on the microbial communities resident in the system.

Publicerad i

Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology
2011, Volym: 86, nummer: 3, sidor: 298-304

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