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Readily dispersible clay and particle transport in five Swedish soils under long-term shallow tillage and mouldboard ploughing

Etana, Ararso; Rydberg, Tomas; Arvidsson, Johan


Soil disturbance by tillage and traffic often adversely affects aggregate stability, leading to colloid and particle mobilisation, which may result in crusting, low water infiltration rate and sediment transport. Hence, minimising soil tillage is an important step in conserving soil quality. This study investigated readily dispersible clay (RDC) and particle transport as affected by shallow tillage or mouldboard ploughing in five Swedish long-term reduced tillage experiments that had been underway for 15-31 years at the time of soil sampling. The soils of the experimental sites are Eutric and Dystric Cambisols. RDC of soil samples, collected in 0-10 cm and 12-17 cm depth, from mouldboard ploughed (MP) and shallow tillage (ST) plots was compared by measuring turbidity. Particle transport was also determined in undisturbed soil columns (20 cm in diameter and 20 cm high) from these treatments. RDC and particle transport were significantly lower for ST than for MP at three sites where clay content was above 30%. Particle transport in two soils (clay content above 40%) increased with irrigation events, indicating that preferential transport dominated in unsaturated soil columns, but matrix flow and, consequently, particle dispersion increased as the soil approached saturation. Despite more organic C accumulation in the upper 0-10 cm of ST than in the 12-17 cm soil layer, clay dispersion was lower in the latter. Particulate P (Total P - dissolved P) was well-correlated to turbidity, suggesting that analysis costs often can be cut by only measuring turbidity. Shallow tillage generally produced positive environmental effects without negative effects on crop yield, especially on soils with high clay content. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Conservation tillage; Particulate phosphorus; Residue management; Turbidity

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Soil and Tillage Research
2009, Volym: 106, nummer: 1, sidor: 79-84