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Forskningsartikel2014Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Determining boreal clearcut object properties and characteristics for identification purposes

Lideskog, Håkan; Ersson, Back Tomas; Bergsten, Urban; Karlberg, Magnus


After clearcutting, machines traffic the clearcut conducting different silvicultural activities. Many objects on a forest clearcut (slash residues, stones, stumps and roots) may disturb e.g. site preparation and planting. This paper describes properties and characteristics of these objects. A flowchart was developed that describes a possible computer-aided system that identifies the objects, and ultimately, makes a machine avoid or target them. A system for obstacle identification creates conditions for further technical development and (semi)automation of e.g. site preparation, mechanized planting, and stump removal.


clearcut obstacles; terrain description; terrain conditions; site properties; forest regeneration; forestry

Publicerad i

Silva Fennica
2014, Volym: 48, nummer: 3, artikelnummer: 1136
Utgivare: The Finnish Society of Forest Science & The Finnish Forest Research Institute