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Forskningsartikel2015Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Change in spring arrival of migratory birds under an era of climate change, Swedish data from the last 140 years

Kullberg, Cecilia; Fransson, Thord; Hedlund, Johanna; Jonzén, Niclas; Langvall, Ola; Nilsson, Johan; Bolmgren, Kjell


Many migratory bird species have advanced their spring arrival during the latest decades, most probably due to climate change. However, studies on migratory phenology in the period before recent global warming are scarce. We have analyzed a historical dataset (1873-1917) of spring arrival to southern and central Sweden of 14 migratory bird species. In addition, we have used relative differences between historical and present-day observations (1984-2013) to evaluate the effect of latitude and migratory strategy on day of arrival over time. There was a larger change in spring phenology in short-distance migrants than in long-distance migrants. Interestingly, the results further suggest that climate change has affected the phenology of short-distance migrants more in southern than in central Sweden. The results suggest that the much earlier calculated arrival to southern Sweden among short-distance migrants mirrors a change in location of wintering areas, hence, connecting migration phenology and wintering range shifts.


Bird migration; Phenology; Migratory strategy; Climate changes; Spring arrival

Publicerad i

AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment
2015, Volym: 44, nummer: Suppl. 1, sidor: S69-S77