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Forskningsartikel2014Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Spatio-temporal composition and dynamics of zooplankton in the Kalmar Sound (western Baltic Sea) in 2009-2010

Carlos, Diaz-Gil; Werner, Malin; Lövgren, Olof; Kaljuste, Olavi; Grzyb, Anna; Margonski, Piotr; Casini, Michele


In pelagic food webs, zooplankton is the link between lower and higher trophic levels. It is thus essential to know how the zooplankton community structure varies with its environment. We investigated the seasonal and spatial variation in the zooplankton diversity and community structure during two consecutive years in the Kalmar Sound, along the Swedish east coast, an area with a strong bathymetric gradient and of high ecological importance for e.g. commercial fish species. Two zooplankton communities were identified in the area: a coastal/estuarine community in the south and an open-water community in the north. They were separated mainly by differing salinity and temperature conditions. Biodiversity increased from spring to autumn and was higher in the open waters.

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Boreal Environment Research
2014, Volym: 19, nummer: 4, sidor: 323-335