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Quality-assured solutions for green roof gardens on concrete decks with zero tolerance for leaks

Emilsson, Tobias; Edwards, Ylva; Malmberg, Jonatan; Pettersson Skog, Anna


Eco neighborhoods with green infrastructure solutions are increasingly being prescribed today in Swedish cities for reducing and attenuating stormwater runoff, increase biodiversity, have a temperature moderating effect and for energy saving. Contractors, thus simply are required to build with green gardens on concrete decks, such as green roofs, green terraces, green courtyards and green complete neighborhoods. A lot of knowledge and experience is in fact lacking today, and consequences may therefore be devastating. If green system solutions are to be seen as an obvious choice in future settlements, and not as a problem, there must be clear guidelines and specifications that ensure a sustainable outcome. This is missing today. This paper reports about a project aiming at bringing together researchers, government and industry to collaborative development of new and attractive solutions for green roof gardens with consideration to the environment and high requirements for durability, materials, construction and energy efficiency. These solutions must also be adaptable to similar types of facilities, specific needs and environments. One such area concerns public land such as parks, streets and squares on concrete decks. Certification and tailored guidelines for different types of systems are being developed. The initiating part of this project clearly indicates that there is a need for better understanding, more research and long term monitoring/follow up of green roofs. Furthermore, a holistic approach is introduced to ensure that one good green roof function will not have severe negative effects on other functions. Keywords: green roof garden, guidelines. Quality-assured solutions for green roof gardens on concrete decks with zero tolerance for leaks. 


green roof, sealing membrane, substrate, vegetation

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Wit Transactions On Ecology And The Environment
2014, Volym: 191, sidor: 635-645 Titel: The Sustainable City IX : urban regeneration and sustainability
ISBN: 978-1-84564-820-6
Utgivare: WIT Press


Ninth international conference on urban regeneration and sustainability