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Recent findings on certain bioactive components in whole grain wheat and rye

Andersson, Annica; Dimberg, Lena; Åman, Per; Landberg, Rikard


Whole grain wheat and rye are important sources of many bioactive compounds and contribute significantly to the total intake of cereals in many countries. Alkylresorcinols, benzoxazinoids, lignans, phenolic acids, phytosterols and tocols are common bioactive compounds present in these cereals. In this review, we report recent findings (mainly from 2010 onwards) regarding their content, composition, effects of food processing and their uptake, elimination and bioactivities with implications for health.


Alkylresorcinols; Benzoxazinoids; Lignin; Tocols; Ferulates; Sterols

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Journal of Cereal Science
2014, Volym: 59, nummer: 3, sidor: 294-311