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The possibility of producing balancing power from biomass in Sweden

Nilsson, Daniel; Hansson, Per-Anders


This study investigated the prospects of producing biofuel-based electricity for balancing supply and demand in a future Swedish electricity system with high proportions of power from wind, solar cells and waves. As biomass and derived fuels usually are storable, they can be used to balance the need for electricity in a controllable way, from rapid changes (e.g. gaseous biofuels in gas turbines) to slower changes (e.g. solid fuels in CHP plants). However, the cost of balancing power from biofuels is considerably greater than that from e.g. hydropower. Future research and development should focus on more demand-orientated and flexible production of electricity from biofuels, primarily in order to increase profitability by exploiting fluctuating prices. An indirect advantage will be an increased supply of balancing power.


bioenergy, electricity generation, combined heat and power generation (CHP), power production

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Titel: World Bioenergy 2014 : 3–5 June. Including World Biorefinery : Proceedings
ISBN: 978-91-977624-8-9
Utgivare: The Swedish Bioenergy Association


World Bioenergy 2014