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An empirical analysis of hunting lease pricing and value of game in Sweden

Mensah, Justice Tei; Elofsson, Katarina


Hunting generates considerable benefits to hunters, while simultaneously causing damages to agriculture and forestry. The aim of this paper is to estimate hunting values for multiple hunted species, by disentangling the role of wildlife harvesting opportunities from other factors which affect hunting lease prices. We examine the determinants of hunting lease prices in Sweden using both spatial and non-spatial econometric techniques. Our analysis confirms considerable hunting values for large ungulates such as moose and fallow deer. Results also suggest that hunters prefer to have a diverse set of ungulate species on their hunting ground. Moreover, the study reveals the presence of spatial spillovers in lease prices, implying that landowners have little scope for exerting monopoly power on the lease market. It also indicate that proximity to urban centers, income, size of the hunting field, and congestion cost are key drivers of hunting lease prices.

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Working Paper Series / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Economics
2015, nummer: 2015:07
Utgivare: Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences