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Bridging the gap between ecosystem modelling and ecosystem- based fisheries management solutions for the Baltic Sea

Kulatska, Nataliia


The Baltic species live on the edge of their tolerance limits. They face environmental challenges, such as temperature and salinity gradients, large hypoxic/anoxic regions, and also human induced eutrophication and high fishing pressure. In my PhD project I want to understand the predator-prey interactions between cod, herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea and how they are framed by a combination of processes: fishing exploitation, climate variability and density dependence. I will address this question with the help of multi-species modelling. Knowledge of study species and system is required to build a good model. This essay covers information on biology of cod, herring and sprat, interaction between them and environment challenges they face. Previous approaches used in studying predator-prey interactions in Baltic are reviewed and analysed.


predator-prey interactions; multi-species modelling; Baltic Sea; cod; Gadus morhua; herring; Clupea harengus; sprat; Sprattus sprattus; fisheries

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Aqua introductory research essay
2016, nummer: 2016:1Utgivare: Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences