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Report from the project: indigenous and local knowledge in a scoping study for a Nordic IPBES assessment

Tunon, Håkan; Kvarnström, Marie; Malmer, Pernilla; Byström, Marie


The recently established international body, IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services) is in the next few years planning on doing regional assessments regarding the status and trends of biological diversity and ecosystem services. The purpose is to create the best possible conditions for future decision-making and in that context to involve different kinds of knowledge, also traditional knowledge. Traditional knowledge (indigenous and local knowledge), i.e. people’s practical, experience-based knowledge transferred from generation to generation, is considered to be an important prerequisite in conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity as well as in the development of a sustainable society. This report is the result of a study in order to develop a methodology regarding how a full and effective participation of traditional knowledge holders in a Nordic IPBES assessment ought to be achieved.

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CBM:s skriftserie
2015, nummer: 96
ISBN: 978-91-88083-06-7
Utgivare: Swedish Biodiversity Centre