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Movements, recapture rate and length increment of tagged pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) - a basis for management in large lakes

Andersson, Magnus; Degerman, Erik; Persson, John; Ragnarsson Stabo, Henrik


Movements, site fidelity, exploitation rate and total length (TL) increment of pikeperch, Sander lucioperca L., were studied by tagging 3977 pikeperch, of 334mm mean TL, in Lake Malaren in 1994. Fish were recaptured in gillnets, trap nets and to a lesser extent with rod and line. Total recapture rate was 30.4%, with 50% of the recaptures made within 8.4km of the release site. Movements were restricted during summer, whereas movements from shallow to deeper basins were frequent in autumn. The yearly TL increment was estimated at 99mm for fish 300mm long at release and 42mm for fish of 400mm at release. The results have direct implications for future management, as the mortality of undersized fish in the fishery; the strong site fidelity and fast growth indicate that fishery closures may be an effective measure to attain a larger stock of fish above the size limit.


fishery closures; inland fisheries; length increment; migration; pikeperch; recapture

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Fisheries Management and Ecology
2015, Volym: 22, nummer: 6, sidor: 450-457