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The opinions of some stakeholders on the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR): an analysis of secondary sources

Giurca, Alexandru; Jonsson, Ragnar


The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) is the most recent effort by the European Union (EU) to curb imports of illegally sourced timber. The regulation raises important questions concerning the international timber trade. In order to successfully implement this regulation it is of paramount importance to classify the actors concerned, and examine how they regard it. The current study collects and summarizes opinion statements of stakeholders as found in different online publications. Though the problem of illegal logging and its associated trade is acknowledged by all parties, there are concerns as to whether the EUTR is the proper instrument to address this issue. Whilst some stakeholders see the EUTR as advantageous for their businesses, others see it as an impediment. Law enforcement, lack of guidance, and bureaucracy were other issues raised. The trade-off between effective legislation and ease of trade was also highlighted. Transparent and consistent application of the EUTR, with clear guidelines for exerting due diligence, should diminish the degree of possible unwanted side-effects such as trade diversion and substitution of temperate timber for tropical timber.


EUTR; Actors; Opinions; Content Analysis; Frames

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2015, Volym: 8, sidor: 681-686 Utgivare: SISEF-SOC ITALIANA SELVICOLTURA ECOL FORESTALE

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