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Anomalous adsorption of biomolecules on a Zn-based metal-organic framework obtained via a facile room-temperature route

Vinogradov, Alexandr; Zaake-Hertling, Haldor; Drozdov, Andrey S.; Lönnecke, Peter; Seisenbaeva, Gulaim; Kessler, Vadim; Vinogradov, Vladimir; Hey-Hawkins, Evamarie


Herein, we report a new method for the crystal growth of two Zn-based MOFs at room temperature (known MOF-5 and a new modification of [{Zn-2(TBAPy)(H2O)(2)}center dot 3.5DEF](n) (1)) by employing slow diffusion conditions. Employing both Zn-based MOFs with different pore morphology made it possible to discover an anomalous adsorption of L-histidine in 1 of up to 24.3 x 10(15) molecules cm(-2) at 25 degrees C. This is one of the first reports aimed not only at describing a new method for the targeted formation of crystalline MOFs and coordination polymers, but also at demonstrating the use of Zn-based MOFs as potential drug delivery materials, with highly effective adsorption of L-histidine given herein as an example.

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Chemical Communications
2015, Volym: 51, nummer: 100, sidor: 17764-17767

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