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Human exposure to acrolein: Time -dependence and individual variation in eye irritation

Claeson, Anna-Sara; Lind, Nina


The aim of the study was to examine the time dependence on sensory irritation detection followingexposure to threshold levels of acrolein, in humans. The exposures occurred in an exposure chamber andthe subjects were breathing fresh air through a mask that covered the nose and mouth. All participantsparticipated in four exposure conditions, of which three consisted of a mixture of acrolein and heptaneand one of only heptane. Exposure to acrolein at a concentration half of the TLV-C lead to sensory irritation.The perceived sensory irritation resulted in both increased detectability and sensory irritation after about6.8 min of exposure in 58% of the participants. The study confirm the previously suggested LOAEL of about0.34 mg/m3for eye irritation due to acrolein exposure. The sensory irritation was still significant 10 minafter exposure. These results have implications for risk assessment and limit setting in occupationalhygiene.


Human exposure; Eye irritation; Sensory irritation detection threshold; Time dependence; Acrolein; TRPA1

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Environmental toxicology and pharmacology
2016, Volym: 45, sidor: 20-27

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