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Forskningsartikel2003Vetenskapligt granskad

Test of a modelling system for estimating nitrogen leaching - A pilot study in a small agricultural catchment

Hoffmann M, Johnsson H


Nitrogen leaching is a world-wide concern for the quality of ground-and surfacewater. Measures to abate this is still limited by a lack of understanding mechanisms behind all factors describing the leaching process, time lags between countermeasures and improvement in waterquality and spatial distribution of nitrogen leaching. The purpose of this study was to do an initial test of the SOILNDB model system which is built on the existing mechanistic SOIL and SOILN models and an automatic parameterization procedure for use of simplified input data. The test was done by simulating nitrogen leaching from each of the 150 fields in a small catchment during a three-year study period. The simulated mean root-zone nitrogen leaching rate from all the fields in the catchment was compared to measurements of nitrogen flow in the stream draining the catchment and showed good agreement in between-year dynamics

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Environmental Modeling and Assessment
2003, Volym: 8, nummer: 1, sidor: 15-23

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    • Johnsson, Holger

      • Institutionen för markvetenskap, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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