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Kinematic and temporospatial assessment of habituation of Labrador retrievers to treadmill trotting

Gustås, Pia; Pettersson, Karin; Honkavaara, Sofia; Lagerstedt, Anne-Sofie; Byström, Anna


This study investigated differences in kinematic and temporospatial variables in treadmill-naive dogs when introduced to treadmill trotting and the time required to for them to become habituated to the treadmill. Twenty-four healthy Labrador retrievers, with an age range of 22-36 months and with no history of orthopaedic disease, were included in the study. A motion capture system registered kinematic variables of the carpus, elbow, tarsus and stifle, along with stride time and stance duration, at 240 Hz. Six sessions, each lasting 8-10 min, walking and trotting on the treadmill were performed with each dog, with three sessions on each of two consecutive days. The between-stride variability of total angular displacement of the carpus, elbow, stifle and tarsus, as well as the stride and stance time, was higher during the day 1 trotting sessions than in the last session of day 2. These stabilised to non-significant levels before the second session on the second day of measurements and thus habituation was achieved. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Canine; Kinematics; Locomotion; Orthopaedics; Habituation

Publicerad i

Veterinary Journal
2013, Volym: 198, sidor: E114-E119