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Rapport, 2009

It's not a question of doing or not doing it - it's a question of how to do it : study on community land rights in Niassa Province, Mozambique

Åkesson, Gunilla; Calengo, André; Tanner, Christopher


This report is based on information collected within the context of the study concerning Community Land Rights in Niassa Province in Mozambique, with special attention paid to the programme implemented by the Malonda Foundation. This programme is supported and financed by the Swedish Government and aims to promote private investment in the province while seeking, during the course of the process, to ensure equitable and beneficial social impact as an explicit objective, in particular for the local population. The study was commissioned by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and the Swedish Embassy in Mozambique, as a contribution to the preparation of continued Swedish support to private sector development in Niassa Province. Provincial and local work was carried out during the period April 29th to may 22nd 2008. The team consisted of Gunilla Åkesson, team leader, from Sida’s Helpdesk for Environmental Assessment, Sweden, and André Calengo, legal consultant, Mozambique. Christopher Tanner, FAO’s advisor in Mozambique and specialist in the Mozambique Land Law participated as a technical advisor. During the field work the team was accompanied by staff from the Malonda programme: Célia Enusse and Francisco Pangaya, both from the Community Work Unit, Alexandre Chomar, Communications Officer and Belindo Manhiça, official from the Environment Programme.


DUAT, Malonda Programme; Rural development; Land law

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Rapporter Institutionen för stad och land
2009, nummer: 2009:6
ISBN: 978-91-85735-17-4
Utgivare: Institutionen för stad och land, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet; Sida’s Helpdesk for Environmental Assessment

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