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IUFRO Spruce 2015: Ecology, silviculture, and management of spruce species in mixed forests

Comeau, Phil; Mason, Bill; Johansson, Ulf; Fraser, Erin; Macdonald, Ellen


This international conference, held on 11–13 August 2015 at the University of Alberta Conference Centre (Lister Hall) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was hosted jointly by IUFRO Working Group 1.01.08 (Ecology and Silviculture of Spruce) and IUFRO Division 8 (Forest Environment). Sixty participants representing 14 countries (Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, and USA) attended the conference. The theme of the conference, the management of spruce species in mixed forests, was chosen to reflect the fact that spruce species commonly occur in mixtures with other tree species in natural forests. Despite this, spruces have often been grown and managed in monocultures, sometimes with undesirable results.

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Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2016, Volym: 46, nummer: 10, sidor: V-V

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