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Measuring quality perception and satisfaction for wood harvesting services with a triad perspective

Erlandsson, Emanuel; Fjeld, Dag; Lidestav, Gun


The performance of harvesting operations strongly influences profitability and service satisfaction for both industries and wood suppliers. To assess different perspectives of satisfaction, this study explores quality perceptions of harvesting services using a multi-dimension approach, and suggests a tool for measuring satisfaction from a triad perspective. Values associated with services were identified by interviewing actors involved in triads linked to two forest owners associations (FOAs). FOA managers' and private forest owners' expectations and perceptions of performances by a sample of contractors in relation to these values were then separately measured using an adapted version of the Servqual questionnaire. Similarly, contractors' views of associated planning conditions were evaluated. Quality perceptions varied widely among respondents. The surveyed forest owners commonly determined performance in a subjective manner: many solely by visual impressions. Consequently, many contractors not performing well from a manager perspective still met forest owners' service expectations well, and thus were considered valuable assets by the FOAs from a wood sourcing perspective. The results also revealed differences in valued factors between thinning and final felling operations. The paper concludes with a suggested model to rank relationship success.


Logging; contractor; forest owners association; NIPF; wood procurement; Servqual

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International Journal of Forest Engineering
2017, Volym: 28, nummer: 1, sidor: 18-33