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Polymorphism at the porcine Dominant white/KIT locus influence coat colour and peripheral blood cell measures

Johansson A, Pielberg G, Andersson L, Edfors-Lilja I


We have examined the phenotype of different KIT genotypes with regard to coat colour and several blood parameters (erythrocyte numbers and measures, total and differential leucocyte numbers, haematocrit and haemoglobin levels and serum components). The effect of two different iron supplement regimes (one or two iron injections) on the blood parameters was also examined. For a total of 184 cross-bred piglets (different combinations of Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire) blood parameters were measured four times during their first month of life, and the KIT genotypes of these and 70 additional cross-bred piglets were determined. Eight different KIT genotypes were identified, which confirms the large allelic diversity at the KIT locus in commercial pig populations. The results showed that pigs with different KIT genotypes differ both in coat colour and in haematological parameters. In general, homozygous Dominant white (I/I) piglets had larger erythrocytes with lower haemoglobin concentration, indicating a mild macrocytic anaemia. The effect of two compared with one iron injection was also most pronounced for the I/I piglets

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Animal Genetics
2005, Volym: 36, nummer: 4, sidor: 288-296