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RNAseq and Proteomics for Analysing Complex Oomycete Plant Interactions

Burra, Dharani D.; Vetukuri, Ramesh R.; Resjo, Svante; Grenville-Briggs, Laura J.; Andreasson, Erik


The oomycetes include some of the most devastating plant pathogens. In this review we discuss the latest results from oomycete and plant studies with emphasis on interaction studies. We focus on the outcomes of RNAseq and proteomics studies and some pitfalls of these approaches. Both pathogenic interactions and biological control are discussed. We underline the usefulness of studies at several levels of complexity from studies of one organism, up to two or more and within agricultural fields (managed settings) up to wild ecosystems. Finally we identify areas of future interest such as detailed interactome studies, dual RNAseq studies, peptide modification studies and population/meta omics with or without biological control agents.

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Current Issues in Molecular Biology
2016, Volym: 19, sidor: 73-87