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Djävulssopp, falsk djävulssopp och deras djävulskt lika dubbelgångare : röda relikter i släktena Rubroboletus och Imperator funna i Skandinavien

Andersson, Mattias; Knutsson, Tommy; Krikorev, Michael


By molecular methods and DNA-analyses five new genera, previously included in Boletus sect. Luridi Fr. sensu Singer, have recently been introduced, viz. Suillellus, Exsudoporus, Neoboletus, Rubroboletus and Imperator. In this paper the genera Rubroboletus and Imperator are presented in more detail. In Scandinavia three Rubroboletus species and one Imperator species have so far been reported: R. satanas, R. legaliae, R. rhodoxanthus and I. rhodopurpureus. All of them are red-listed and extremely rare in Scandinavia, which is the northern limit of their European distributions. They are considered relict species from earlier, warmer periods. All species prefer open, sun-exposed localities in broad-leaved woodlands or tree-covered pastures and meadows. Historically these species have caused much taxonomic confusion. This paper presents the current knowledge of the species characteristics, ecology and distributions in Scandinavia. 


Boletus, Rubroboletus, Imperator, Mycology, Fungi

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Svensk mykologisk tidskrift
2016, Volym: 37, nummer: 3, sidor: 12-25