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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2012

Effect of high pressure, temperature, and storage on the color of porcine longissimus dorsi

Bak, Kathrine Holmgaard; Lindahl, Gunilla; Karlsson, Anders H.; Orlien, Vibeke


The color of pork longissimus dorsi high pressure (HP) treated at 200 to 800 MPa at 5 and 20 degrees C for 10 min was determined to a high degree by pressure level and to a lesser degree by temperature. Severe color changes appeared up to a threshold pressure at 400 MPa. HP treatment at 20 degrees C compared to 5 degrees C resulted in meat, which was less red and slightly lighter. Storage at 2 degrees C for 6 days had no effect on lightness due to no further protein denaturation, but meat HP treated above 300 MPa became significantly less red and more yellow within the first day of storage. Reflectance spectra showed that a short-lived ferrohemochrome myoglobin species was formed during HP treatment at 300 to 800, but transformed into a brown, ferric form of the pigment within the first day of storage. This explains the observed changes in the redness and yellowness after one day of storage. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Meat color; High pressure; Longissimus dorsi; Pork; Storage; Temperature

Published in

Meat Science
2012, Volume: 92, number: 4, pages: 374-381

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      Food Science

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