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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2003

pH dependence of the progression in NMR T-2 relaxation times in post-mortem muscle

Bertram, HC; Whittaker, AK; Andersen, HJ; Karlsson, AH


Continuous NMR T-2 relaxation measurements were carried out on seven rabbit longissimus muscle samples in the period from 25 min to 28 h post-mortem at 200 MHz for H-1. To display differences in post-mortern pH progress and extent of changes in water characteristics during conversion of muscle to meat, three of the seven animals were pre-slaughter injected with adrenaline (0.5 mg/kg live weight 4 h before sacrifice) to differentiate muscle glycogen stores at the time of slaughter. Distributed analysis of T-2 data displayed clear differences in the characteristics of the various transverse relaxation components dependent on progress in pH, as did the water-holding capacity of samples 24 h postmortem. This reveals a pronounced effect of the progressive change in pH on the subsequent development in physical/chemical states of water during the conversion of muscle to meat. Finally, the relaxation characteristics are discussed in relation to supposed post-mortem processes of protein denaturation.


transverse relaxation; protein denaturation; water-holding capacity; rabbit

Published in

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
2003, Volume: 51, number: 14, pages: 4072-4078

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    Food Science

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