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Forskningsartikel2017Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Feeding steam-pelleted rapeseed affects expression of genes involved in hepatic lipid metabolism and fatty acid composition of chicken meat

Li, S.; Vestergren, A. Schiller; Wall, H.; Trattner, S.; Pickova, J.; Ivarsson, E.


This study investigated the dietary effect of steam-pelleted rapeseed (RS) diets with different inclusion levels on the fatty acid composition of chicken meat and the expression of lipid metabolism-related genes in the liver. Experimental diets included 6 different wheat-soybean meal based diets either in nonpelleted or steam-pelleted form supplemented with 80, 160, and 240 g RS/kg feed and one nonpelleted wheat-soybean meal based diet without RS supplementation as the control. These diets were fed to newly hatched broiler chickens (Ross 308) for 34 days. Compared to the control diet, steam-pelleted diets containing 160 or 240 g/kg RS significantly increased the content of omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFA) in the breast and drumstick, while their meat yields were not affected. Moreover, the mRNA levels of fatty acid desaturase 1 (FADS1) and acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 1 (ACOX1) in their livers increased. Therefore, steam-pelleted diets with 160 or 240 g/kg RS can be used to increase the n-3 LC-PUFA content in chicken meat without compromising meat yield.


rapeseed; fatty acid; n-3 LC-PUFA; FADS1; ACOX1

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Poultry Science
2017, Volym: 96, nummer: 8, sidor: 2965-2974