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Comorbidity and Multimorbidity of Asthma and Allergy and Intolerance to Chemicals and Certain Buildings

Lind, Nina; Soderholm, Anna; Palmquist, Eva; Andersson, Linus; Millqvist, Eva; Nordin, Steven


Objectives: We tested the hypothesis of high comorbidity between asthma/allergy and chemical intolerance (CI) and between asthma/allergy and building intolerance (BI), and high multimorbidity between asthma/allergy, CI, and BI. Methods: Population-based questionnaire data were used from 530 participants with asthma/allergy (allergic asthma, nonallergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, and/or atopic dermatitis), 414 with self-reported and 112 with physician-diagnosed CI, and 165 with self-reported and 47 with physician-diagnosed BI. Separate reference groups were formed for each of the five case groups. Results: Adjusted odds ratios varied from 4.6 to 13.1 for comorbidity, and from 6.6 to 46.4 for multimorbidity. Conclusion: The large comorbidity and multimorbidity between asthma/allergy, CI, and BI evokes the question as to whether there are similarities in underlying mechanisms between these conditions.

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Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2017, Volym: 59, nummer: 1, sidor: 80-84

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