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Wastewater management in small towns - understanding the failure of small treatment plants in Bolivia

Cossio, Claudia; McConville, Jennifer; Rauch, Sebastien; Wilen, Britt-Marie; Dalahmeh, Sahar; Mercado, Alvaro; Romero, Ana M.


Wastewater management in developing countries is a challenge, especially in small towns with rapid population growth. This study aims at assessing the performance and management of five treatment plants (TPs) in rural areas of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Pollutants' concentrations, wastewater flows, hydraulic and organic loads and hydraulic retention times were determined in three small treatment plants (2000-10,000population equivalent [p.e.]; flow >432 m(3)/d) and two very small treatment plants (<2000p.e.; flow <432 m(3)/d). The performance assessment was based on operational parameters, treatment efficiency and effluent quality. Management data were collected through semi-structured interviews with managers of local water associations. The results support that the poor performance of the TPs is due to lack of operational expertise and financial resources for adequate operation and maintenance (O&M). Additionally, effective treatment was affected by the type of technology used and whether the plant design included plans for O&M with available resources. This study contributes to a better understanding of actual operating conditions of wastewater TPs in small towns, thus providing needed information regarding technology selection, design, implementation and operation.


Wastewater treatment; small town; operation and maintenance; performance indicators; technical expertise

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Environmental Technology
2018, Volym: 39, nummer: 11, sidor: 1393-1403

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