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Development of microsatellite markers for the red-listed wood-decay fungus Phlebia centrifuga

Franzen I, Slippers B, Vasiliauskas R, Stenlid J


Seven polymorphic microsatellite markers were developed for the wood-decay basidiomycete Phlebia centrifuga. The primers were identified using two techniques, based on intersimple sequence repeats (ISSR) and amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), respectively. The markers were screened on 27 isolates from Europe and North America. Two markers varied only on a worldwide scale, but not within Europe. The other five showed variation on both scales. These markers will now be used to characterize populations of P. centrifuga, which is red-listed as near-threatened in its natural habitat due to human disturbance


basidiomycete; boreal forest; conservation. Phlebia centrifuga; simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker

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Molecular Ecology Notes
2006, Volym: 6, nummer: 3, sidor: 870-872