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Review article - Peer-reviewed, 2015

The effects of processing technologies and preparation on the final quality of fish products

Sampels, Sabine


The most important processing technologies used for fish and their effect on the product quality are reviewed. Among the traditional processes are smoking, salting, drying and their combinations as well as marinating. Canning, sous-vide cooking, preparation of surimi and ready-to-eat products belong to the technologies of modern times. In addition, also the effects of the preparation of fish at home and some specialties like fermented and graved fish are included. It is stressed that the quality of fish products will be influenced by each action during processing and preparation. It is important to adapt the processes to the special requirements that easily spoiled products as fish have. If processing techniques are applied in an innovative way, quality products with high nutritional value will be achieved. Dialogue with the industry and the consumers is needed to assure a high nutritional value and quality of the final fish products.

Published in

Trends in Food Science and Technology
2015, Volume: 44, number: 2, pages: 131-146

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    Food Science

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