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Conference paper2013

Valorization of meat waste from retail stores

Strid, Ingrid; Eriksson, Mattias


The aim of this study was to test if, and how, a retail meat waste prevention measure could work in reality. A retail store cooperated, by selling meat that otherwise would be wasted, with a catering company that purchased and used the meat for cooking. Together they managed to save 35 kg meat during 8 weeks in May-June 2012. The measure proved to work in reality and was estimated to have a large potential to save meat, if fully implemented in the whole retail sector. Freezing of the meat was a key success factor, for logistic reasons. Not all types of meat can be saved this way, due to current authority regulations of the food sector.


food wastage; freezing; prevention measure

Published in

Title: Perspectives on managing life cycles – Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management
eISBN: 978-91-980973-5-1
Publisher: Chalmers University of Technology


6th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, LCM 2013, 25-28 August 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden