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Current and historical forest management in the case study areas

Klopcic, Matija; Leitner, Thomas; Pardos, Marta; Barka, Ivan; Calama, Rafael; Cordonnier, Thomas; Maroschek, Michael; Wilhelmsson, Erik; Hlasny, Tomas; Zlatanov, Tzvetan; Lexer, Manfred J.


The main objective of T1.3 is to gather data on current and historical forest management and harvesting and logging technologies within each case study area (CSA). Data were gathered through several questionnaires. In each case study area current (business-as-usual - BAU) forest management concepts were described as a silvicultural system covering the entire life cycle of a representative stand type (RST), including the related harvesting and logging technologies. The level of detail has been chosen in a way that the information can be used to implement BAU management in forest simulation models (Task 2.4). For harvesting approaches a survey was also done at representative landscape level in each of the CSA. In total BAU silvicultural systems for 197 RSTs are available in this Deliverable. Quantitative data on historical forest management was available from five CSAs. These data will be used in Task 2.3 to analyze historic relationships between stand conditions, management and ecosystem service indicators.

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